Reviews by Shane Thompson

Batman Begins

A Great New Beginning!

It's All Gone Pete Tong

Rave On Pete Tong!

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. D'oh!

Brotherhood of the Wolf, the/Le pact des loups

A Howling Good Movie

The Forgotten

If Only I Could Forget

Fantastic Four

Mediocre Four

The Woodsman

Condensed Tragedy

March of the Penguins/Marche de l'empereur, La

Travels and Tribulations

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Bucket Of Fun!

Godfather, the

A Movie You Can't Refuse

Bad Education/Mala educación, La

A Fine Film Education


Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy

Upside of Anger, the

Well-Done Mediocrity

War of the Worlds

Father Doesn't Always Know Best

Mysterious Skin

Nothing Mysterious Here

Mad Hot Ballroom

Charming Little Ladies And Gentlemen


I Ain't Afraida No Ghosts!


Some Things Are Best Seen On The History Channel


Prime Confusion

Alfred Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection

The Lady Vanishes


Be Mindful Of This One

King Kong 1933

Long Live The Great Ape

40 Year Old Virgin, the

Exercise in Tedium


I Would Love To Party With These Guys!

Top Ten Lists 2005

Shane's Super Seven And Foul Five

Kingdom of Heaven

Not My Choice for Heaven on Earth

Cave, the

Yoda Said It Best


MAJOR Malfuction

Chicken Little

Poor Little Bird

King Kong 2005

Chest Pounding Entertainment

Island, the

Banish The Writers To An Island Of Their Own


Find Serenity

Hustle and Flow

A Little Bit Of Déjà Vu

Rocket, the

Hard-Assed, Helmetless Hero

Sound of Thunder, a

A Sound Of Many A Groan


Ultra bad!

Hidden Fortress

Fool’s Gold

Pirates of the Caribbean the Curse of the Black Pearl

Pirate Panache


A Bloody Shame

Good Night and Good Luck

No Red Here

16 Blocks

Please Stop Talking

X-Men the Last Stand

X-tremely Average

Superman Returns

Mid-Altitude Cruise

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Mans Chest

Sweet and Sour Salty Dogs

Searchers, the

Worth Seeking Out


Retail Shenanigans


Top Gun Meets Rocky

Monster House

One Cranky Neighbour


Dating Doldrums

Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift

Flash and Burn

Fun With Dick and Jane

Stop Jim, Stop!


Sign Me Up

Jackass Number Two

Knox’d Upside The Head

Miami Vice

Miami Heat

Open Season

Not Worth Stuffing And Mounting

Devil Wears Prada, the

Once Was Enough… That’s All

Spider-man 3

Call an exterminator, please!

Halloween Picks

The Lady Vanishes

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