Reviews by Robert Wright

Fantastic Four

More Appropriately titled B-4.

My Summer of Love

My Summer of Love

Broken Flowers

A Heart Broken Performance

Happy Endings

''No one dies in this movie, not on screen. It's a comedy, sort of.''

March of the Penguins/Marche de l'empereur, La

March on brave penguins.

Constant Gardener, the

A Constant Delight

Toronto International Film Festival 2005

There's Nothing Like it in the World

Where the Truth Lies

Where the tired truth lies

History of Violence

A film that can only be described as striking


The Things We Do For Love

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Robert Downey Jr.'s got a hit on his hands

Brokeback Mountain

Broken Heart

Family Stone, the

Stone cold

Top Ten Lists 2005

Rob's Ten Favorites and Worst Five

Stick It

It's Already Been Stucken

X-Men Collection

X Marks the Spot

Marie Antoinette

Fit for a queen

Halloween Picks

A History of Violence

Valentine Picks

Broken Flowers

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