Reviews by Kristian Hansen

House of Wax

Saved in the end?


Crash course in race relations

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

War of the Roses With Guns

Philadelphia Story, the

They don't make 'em like they used to

Land of the Dead

Dead On Arrival

Million Dollar Baby

Good but not great

Dark Water

Dead in the Water

Wedding Crashers, the

A Wedding Guest That Overstays It's Welcome

Must Love Dogs

Lane gets us through the Dog days of summer

Upside of Anger, the

Wrath of a Woman Scorned


Alexander the Just Plain Bad

Skeleton Key, the

Not Scary Enough to Make You Check Your Locks


Definitely not a bust

40 Year Old Virgin, the

40 Laughs for 40 Years

Exorcism of Emily Rose, the

Exorcise this movie?

Pretty Woman

Still Pretty After All These Years

Just Like Heaven

Far From Heaven

In Her Shoes

Walk a Mile in These Shoes

Into the Blue

Avoid These Shallow Waters

North Country

The Cold Hard Truth?

Alfred Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection



Fits Like a Glove

Walk the Line

Cut to the Front of the Line


Like Oil and Water, Gaghan and Syriana Don't Mix Well

Family Stone, the

A Diamond in the Rough

Rumor Has It...

All the Substance of a False Rumor

Top Ten Lists 2005

Kristian's Favorites and Most Disappointing


Worth the trip

When a Stranger Calls

Don't Answer

Oscar Picks 2005

IF I Could Choose the Winners....

Friends With Money

Money Changes Everything?

Da Vinci Code, the

Code Blue

All About Eve

There's No Business Like Show Business

Prairie Home Companion,a

Like Spending Time With An Old Friend

9 to 5

A Hillarious Mixture of Office Politics and Revenge Fantasy

Devil Wears Prada, the

Divas by Design

World Trade Center

Definitely Not World Class



Descent, the

Descent into Horror

Oscar Predictions 2006

Kristian's Oscar Predictions 2006

Kristian Hansen

All About Eve

Halloween Picks

The Descent

Valentine Picks

Shop Girl

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