Reviews by Tim Bennett

In the Mood for Love

Heartache in Hong Kong


Crash is a Minor Wreck


Marooned at Madagascar

Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

Low rise pants will be in this summer

Mysterious Skin

Under the skin

Batman the Movie

Capes and Camp, But Wong Foo, Where is Julie Newmar?

Mad Hot Ballroom

Let's dance

Philadelphia Story, the

Hepburn's glory


Beautiful and Blonde, Yet Not Quite Bewitching

Bad Education/Mala educación, La

Good bad education

March of the Penguins/Marche de l'empereur, La

Extreme Dating (and Mating and Parenting)

Wedding Crashers, the

Always a Guest and Hopefully Never a Groom

Hustle and Flow

The Young & The Desperate

Happy Endings

The Games People Play

40 Year Old Virgin, the

The End of Innocence. Hopefully.

Two for the Money

Actually, it's Two and a Half for the Money


Dark Days and Nights of Truman Capote's Soul

Good Night and Good Luck

News and Misinformation

Squid and the Whale, the

Divorce Actually

Pride and Prejudice




Gay Sex in the 70s

What's Love Got to Do With It?

Walk the Line

No Ring of Fire

Mrs. Henderson Presents

For the Boys

Family Stone, the

Family Affairs

Producers, the

Bloom and Bialystock ... Onscreen Again

It's a Wonderful Life

Still Wonderful

Top Ten Lists 2005

Tim's Super 8 and Disappointing 4

Match Point

Love and Lies Along the Thames


Forget Venice

2005 Oscar Nominees

Good Night and Good Luck

Failure to Launch

No Wind in it Sails

Thank You For Smoking

All Smoke, No Fire

Notorious Bettie Page, the

Sweet Sensation


Not Fast or Furious but Still Worth a Look

Strangers With Candy

Sex, Drugs, and the High School Science Fair

Devil Wears Prada, the

The Devil and her Details

You, Me and Dupree

...And Baby Makes Three


Superman: Fact and Fiction

Black Dahlia

A Bloody Mess

Little Miss Sunshine

Meet the Hoovers

Man of the Year

Losing Votes

Keeping Mum

Serial Mom

Marie Antoinette

Off With Her Head


Lovers and other Strangers

Little Children

Bless the Beasts and the Children


Wigs and Ass

Casino Royale

The Bold and the Beautiful

Departed, the

The Bad and the Beautiful

Notes on a Scandal

A School and a Scandal


24: Circa Los Angeles 1968

2006 Oscar Nominees

Little Miss Sunshine

Freedom Writers

To Her With Love

Smokin Aces

Blood Bath in Tahoe


All About My Mother and My Daughter

Black Snake Moan

When Anxiety Attacks

Rock Bottom

Desperate Living

Blades of Glory

Ferrell on Ice

Earrings of Madame de...

The Countess, The Baron, and The Bling

Avenue Montaigne/Fauteuils d'orchestre

Amour Actually

Hoax, the

Lies. Lies. And Then ... More Lies.


Pies, Guys, and a Baby on the Way


Once There Was an Irish Guy and a Czech Girl...

Knocked Up

Beauty Gets Knocked up by the Beast

La Vie En Rose

Broken Bird


Stacking the Deck But For A Good Cause

You Kill Me

Killer at a Career Crossroads

Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Gory Story


Smart but Way Too Sassy

Cassandras Dream

Sons and Lovers

There Will Be Blood

There Will Be a Nap

Halloween Picks

Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Christmas Picks

Its a Wonderful Life

Valentine Picks

Pride and Prejudice

Valentine Picks

In the Mood For Love

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