Reviews by James Davie

Star Wars Trilogy

About frigging time!

Incredibles, the

Go get it, now!


Childhood memories don't hold up


Impressive right off the Bat

Brotherhood of the Wolf, the/Le pact des loups

Viva la Wolf!

Truman Show, the

Wonderful Modern Fable

Ong Bak

With the speed & grace of a gazelle…

Alfred Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

The Half Full Goblet

What the #$*! Do We (K)now!?

Infinite Possibilities


Doomed to Mediocrity

Oscar Picks 2005

DVD Guy Weighs In


A Day in the Life...

Ultimate Avengers

Ultimately Cool!

Mission Impossible

Choose to Accept

Sound of Thunder, a

A Sound of Crap!

Hidden Fortress

Hidden Gem

X-Men Collection


Complete Superman Collection, the

The Story So Far...

Silent Hill

Creepy Hill


Lost At Sea

DVD Round Up 2006

2006 DVD Highs... and Lows

Spider-Man/Spider-man 2

SamRaimi's Baby

Die Hard the Ultimate Collection


Rush Hour/Rush Hour 2

Don't Rush

Perfume the Story of a Murderer

A Scent of Brilliance


A Gift From Heaven!

Battlestar Galactica Razor

Sharp As A...

Rambo Ultimate Edition Gift Set

Have Canon Will Travel

DVD Round Up 2007

2007 DVD Highs and Lows

Adventures of Indiana Jones, the

A Reliquary of Goodness!



Watchmen Tales of the Black Freighter

Watch the Unwatched Watchmen

Terminator Trilogy

Get Terminated!

Toy Story/Toy Story 2 Toy Box


Halloween Picks

Perfume the Story of a Murderer

Planet Hulk

A Familiar Story in Shades of Green

Valentine Picks


Alien Anthology

A Chest-Bursting Journey of Bitter-Sweet Recollection

Avengers, the (2012)

A Cinematic Superhero Celebration!

Dark Knight Rises, the

The End of an Epic Journey

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