Sharkwater - Passion of the Shark

Alliance Atlantis
Duration: 98min
Category: Documentary
Available: On DVD
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I learned early on as a youth that most of what people were trying to teach me was B.S. and that usually behind that B.S. was a profit for someone at the expense of the greater good. Thatís why films like Sharkwater appeal to me. I like it when the truth is exposed and we have to rethink the way we look at things.

Sharkwater is a fairly simple film that is built on the passion of film maker Rob Stewart. He examines why sharks are being hunted to extinction, why we fear sharks and what the possible consequence of this ill thought out path could be.

As a shark lover, and an underwater photographer, Stewart manages to capture beautiful images of the sea predators and truly pass along his passion for these animals to his audience. He tells us flat out that there is little if anything to be scared of in a shark and a lot to be afraid of if we keep wiping them out. He makes his point plainly if not with a great deal of art. His ďartĒ comes from exposing the undersea beauty and the horror of the shark trade.

His Bill and Tedís excellent accent doesnít help his credibility but his passion sure does. The only real fault I could find with the film is how he doesnít address the hypocrisy of conservationalists using violence to prevent poaching. Is that the same rational that someone who employs violence against an abortionist would use? Anyway, despite that one blip, Sharkwater makes a compelling argument.

Still, the real strength of Sharkwater is the imagery. Itís gorgeous and you canít help but fall in love with the shark. You also canít help but become disgusted with the shark trade. Like any injustice, once it comes to light, its ugliness exposed, we canít help but act. He and his subjects are very much correct when they assert that future generations will look down on us for our handling of this issue. We will be barbarians to our offspring.

Sharkwater is a beautiful experience and completely worthwhile to see on the big screen where the true beauty can be appreciated. Itís the kind of film that we should be taking our children to see. This is an adventure that is worth the price.

Review By: Collin Smith

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