Grease - Grease is the Word

Duration: 110min
Category: Musical
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Grease really is the word.

Grease still ranks as the highest grossing musical of all time and it made that money selling tickets at 1978 prices. None of the recent hits, Chicago, Dreamgirls or Moulin Rouge! or even the perpetually re-released Rocky Horror Picture Show, have been able to top it. (I guess The Lion King doesnít count.) There is a reason Grease is number one. Itís a damn classic!

For me the more important aspect of whether a musical works is the music. Sure that seems like a no-brainer but Dreamgirls is a good example of a movie that could have been a lot better if the songs werenít so forgettable. Can any of you really hum ďAnd Iím Telling You Iím Not GoingĒ? Another example is Hairspray which has... what's the song? Oh yeah, "You Can't Stop the Beat" and... um... Can any of you even remember the title of any other songs from Hairspray?

Grease is chock full of songs that everyone knows and loves. Itís even one of those rare movie musical Broadway adaptations where the original songs written just for the movie are even better than the songs taken from the stage show. ďHopelessly Devoted to You and Youíre the One that I Want werenít in the original show. How can you resist them or Greased Lightniní, Beauty School Drop Out, There are Worse Things I Could Do, Look at Me, Iím Sandra Dee, everyone's favorite Summer NightsÖ the list goes on and on.

Grease works because itís got a great (if silly and simple) story performed by iconic actors. In theory, it really shouldnít work. The whole thing is schlocky but itís pulled off so well that no one can watch it without wanting to sing along.

The Rockin' Rydell Edition DVD is a cool treat as it comes wrapped in its own leather T-Birds jacket. It features features that include director commentary and deleted scenes. Too bad the deleted scenes, like most deleted scenes, arenít that interesting. They delete these scenes for a reason, you know. Also a cast commentary would have made this the ultimate collection but director Kleiser does provide some interesting facts.

This DVD does feature interviews with Travolta and John and has a fun sing along feature which really is the point of watching the film in the first place. There are the usual documentaries which are fun for fans, but the main thing with Grease is the movie and the music. Grease, the Rockin' Rydell Edition is definitely worth picking up. Itís the kind of film you will enjoy again and again.

Review By: Collin Smith

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