Music and Lyrics - You can't dance to it

Duration: 96min
Category: Romance
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Itís hard not to like Drey Barrymore. Sheís cute (although sexy is really stretching it) and sheís smart (she makes good career choices with fairly literate sciprts and you never hear of her in the tabloids). Which is why I find it hard to understand why sheís in such a saccharine film as Music and Lyrics.

I understand why Hugh Grant is in this film. He tried to do something smart and satirical in last yearís American Dreamz and audiences stayed away. They only buy him in one role, the charming and lovable yet bumbling and self depreciating love interest. Therefore, I am sure he grabbed the first script of that nature and kept the pay checks rolling in.

Too bad itís this script. Itís the tale of an 80s has been who is called back into a revitalized career by a young superstar. For inexplicable reasons, he recruits his ďplant ladyĒ to help him write the song and they fall in love.

Now, usually in a romantic comedy there is something preventing our lovers from connecting, something that creates a sense of tension for the protagonists to overcome. Music and Lyrics is missing that little factor. The film makers throw a few minor obstacles in the way of these two but itís all weak and unbelievable. Their little conflicts are nothing more than little hiccups that a normal person would brush off in a moment.

Therefore Music and Lyrics never has that sense of ďwill they or wont they?Ē which is so essential to this genre. Instead itís kinda like watching two people on a date. Not really first rate entertainment.

Music and Lyricsí focus is on writing a pop song, you know, the kind of disposable fluff you hum and canít get out of your headÖ until you do forget it and canít remember the name of that band, you know the one with the guy who sings that song? Anyway, Music and Lyrics has chosen an appropriate subject cause itís as forgettable as the songs it is about.

Review By: Collin Smith

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