Oscar Predictions 2006 - Collin's Oscar Predictions 2006

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Best Picture
Should win:
Little Miss Sunshine
Will win: Little Miss Sunshine
It's easy to pick on a film that has such popularity but when it boils down to it, Little Miss Sunshine is very strong and will be remembered long after the others are forgotten.

Best Director
Should win:
Martin Scorsese
Will win: Martin Scorsese
He has it coming and he's directed one of the best films of his career.

Best Actor
Should win:
Peter O'Toole
Will win: Forest Whitaker
O'Toole has it coming and has given one of the best performances of his career. Too bad the academy is eating up Whitaker's scenery chewing instead.

Best Actress
Should win:
Kate Winslet
Will win: Helen Mirren
I think Mirren is great in this role but Kate's so strong she's my personal favorite this year.

Best Supporting Actor
Should win:
Jackie Earle Haley
Will win: Eddie Murphy
Murphy is overrated but there is no way Haley will ever win.

Best Supporting Actress
Should win:
Rinko Kikuchi
Will win: Jennifer Hudson
If you haven't read my rant on the excessively overrated Hudson, go to my Dreamgirls review. It's too much to post here. Suffice it to say that when she wins, my faith in the Academy will be completely shattered. It's an acting award, not a singing award.

Best Original Screenplay
Should win:
Little Miss Sunshine
Will win: Little Miss Sunshine
Sunshine has a brilliant story and script.

Best Adapted Screenplay
Should win:
Children of Men
Will win: The Departed
Children of Men should be up for Best Picture but it's not. The Departed is also a good choice. They really captured the intensity of Infernal Affairs but made it into their own.

Best Animated Film
Will Win and Should Win:
Pixar can do no wrong. Hopefully this film runs over the overblown Happy Feet. If not, then I hope the charming Monster House can eat those silly penguins.

Review By: Collin Smith

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