Water - A Bit Cool

Alliance Atlantis
Duration: 114min
Category: drama
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I wasnít overly moved by Water. The film is well made and it tells a fascinating story, but for me, director Deepa Mehtaís third film in her elemental series, always remained a bit cold and distant.

This is the story of a group of widows who, due to the social custom, are sent to live away from their families after their husbands die as they are seen to be bad luck. This is set against the backdrop of Ghandiís rise. The windows are an eclectic collection of characters who each in their own way should be more captivating than they are. At the centre of the story is a little girl of only 7 who was married off young and is sent to this same home when her much older husband passes away.

Water brings to light the problems with this custom in a way that isnít threatening. Like the rest of the movie, it doesnít have the energy to be too offensive. Yet it does manage to accomplish the most important feat of this sort of tale, which is to humanize its subjects. In that it is successful.

However, as an engaging story it didnít speak to me. There is a love story, played out by the impossibly gorgeous Lisa Ray and John Abraham, but it feels almost too idealistic or out of place. There is also the back story of an impending revolution which never succeeds in inspiring.

Still, Water isnít void of any emotion. Itís just reserved. Subtlety is a good thing and maybe this film is just achieving itís goals quietly. It is an incredibly beautifully filmed movie and itís the sights, not just Ray and Abraham, are wonderful to see.

Review By: Collin Smith

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