Monster House - Monster Success

Duration: 91min
Category: family
Available: On DVD
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How pleasant? An American animated family film that isnít filled with cute, sarcastic animals and doesnít speak down to its audience.

I skipped Monster House during its theatrical run and itís too bad. It has a spectacular style to the animated backgrounds and the character design of the titular monstrous house is incredible too. Also, itís got a great story, a play on the traditional horror set up (but for kids), that is fun and sassy and a bit self aware. This is good family entertainment for families that donít want to be insulted in their entertainment.

Monster House isnít for small children as the themes and images are a bit frightening. Itís for kids who have a bit of analysis and perspective. Itís for kids old enough to get it but not old enough to be too cool for it. Fortunately, itís entertaining enough for their parents as well.

Unfortunately, despite how great the backgrounds are, the character design on the people suffers from the same problem as Polar Express. They arenít life like enough to seem real but too lifelike to not be. Therefore they look a little like mechanical dummies. Until then can make these people look like real people, they shouldnít try.

Other than that, Monster House is a well made, well told, fun story that is pleasant and quite smart.

Review By: Collin Smith

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