Catch and Release - Throw It Back

Duration: 111min
Category: Romance
Available: On DVD
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Jennifer Garner, so cute and funny in 13 Going on 30, is still cute in her new romantic comedy Catch and Release but she really isnít that funny. In fact, the film isnít really very romantic either.

I hate watching a film that attempts to get all profound about human relationships and just simply fails. Catch and Release is one of those films that tries to be a bit edgy but never really takes off. All the situations seem forced. None of the relationships have any chemistry. Itís a wanna be Garden State without any of the energy or cleverness.

None of this is Jenís fault. Sheís super cute through the whole thing and sheís good in the heart felt moments. Itís the rest of the cast that drops the ball, especially the supposed romantic lead Timothy Olyphant. Heís a very wooden actor with no personality. Heís also not cute enough to be a leading love interest. He looks more like a drug addict than a leading man. He could make a good villain if the villain didnít need any charm. He doesnít inspire the audience to fall in love with him.

Director Kevin Smith (Clerks), who didnít direct this film, is slumming in the comic relief role. You see heís fat so therefore heís the funny friend. More originality from this lame script. The problem is that heís not that funny. There is a reason Smith stays behind the camera, or only appears in front when heís mute. Heís also got no charisma or screen presence. His bits are at best mildly amusing and at worst groaners.

There is a reason Catch and Release is being dumped in mid January while all attention is still on last years Oscar contenders. Hopefully no one will notice it. If you think about catching this one, take my advice and release it back into the wild.

Review By: Collin Smith

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