Snow Cake - Visiting Wawa

Alliance Atlantis
Duration: 112min
Category: drama
Available: On DVD
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I have been to Wawa once in my life and the only thing I remember about it is the big goose along the highway. In Snow Cake, Alan Rickman arrives in Wawa and there was the big goose. At the time, I didnít imagine there was anything more interesting about Wawa but like most small towns, I imagine itís there. You have to look hard to find it.

Snow Cake is about finding yourself somewhere you donít expect to be. Alan Rickman is brought there by a series of circumstances. Sigourney Weaver is the highly functioning autistic woman he befriends in that delightfully awkward way that people do in these independent movies. There really isnít much more interesting about Snow Cake than that, but like Wawa you have to look a bit harder to find it.

What I enjoyed about Snow Cake is the way the two leads formed their relationship. Watching these two very talented actors play off each other was quite satisfying. Weaver is especially good in her challenging role playing a challenged person. Itís hard not to turn these sorts of performances into caricatures but she manages very well to bring her character to real life.

One of lifeís greatest pleasures is learning to let go of how things are supposed to be and living life as we were born to live it. Snow Cake touches on that. Through the autistic experience, Alan Rickman is able to learn to appreciate things. A simple lesson but it is told well.

The title Snow Cake refers to the simple experience of a mouthful of snow. Thatís the beauty of this film, the little simple lessons. A good film for a cold winters day.

Review By: Collin Smith

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