It's a Wonderful Life - Welcome to Bedford Falls

Alliance Atlantis
Duration: 130min
Category: drama
Available: On DVD
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I had the pleasure of seeing Itís a Wonderful Life on the big screen for the first time the Christmas of 2006. Itís one of my favourite films and Iíve seen it a million times before, but I have never seen it up on the big screen. Itís amazing what a difference a cinema can make to your viewing experience.

Most of us have only ever seen Itís a Wonderful Life on TV. We watch it, or more likely, we watch parts of it, while in the middle of our holiday hustle and bustle. I guess we take it for granted and donít really pay that much attention. There are many of us who couldnít even tell you what itís really about.

But there is something about sitting in a dark theatre and paying attention to each scene, that really highlights the magic of this movie.

What a movie this is. From itís amazing script to all the note perfect performances. Itís a Wonderful Life is one of the funniest, most romantic, most touching films I have ever seen. Watching it on the big screen really drives this home. Although I have loved this film for many years, I donít know if I have ever appreciated it as much as I did this time. It was like watching a whole new movie.

I even cried at the end.

If you have never seen Itís a Wonderful Life you are missing out on one of the most fulfilling movies ever made. If you havenít even really watched it, written if off as just another holiday gimmick, then you need to give it another chance. Itís definitely worth a watch on Bluray or on an annual Christmas Eve network airing, but if you can find a cinema somewhere that is showing it, make sure you skip the latest fad, forgettable whatever and take a chance on a classic that really is worth its weight in gold.

Review By: Collin Smith

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