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I have never loved Scorseseís work. I find him to be an excellent film maker who generally makes mediocre films. I realize that I am in the minority here but I donít get why he is so widely regarded as a master. There are things I love about Taxi Driver and things I love about Goodfellas but I donít love either film. I certainly didnít love The Aviator, Gangs of New York or, heaven help us, Bringing out the Dead.

Maybe now that I have seen The Departed, I will become a Scorsese devotee as well. In his previous films I have always enjoyed the way he makes a film but have never really got into the film itself. But, with The Departed, I found myself fascinated both with the story and the film making.

The Departed works for all the right reasons. Itís a tight yet riveting story. Scorsese doesnít embellish or drag, just tells the story and allows it to unfold as it needs to. He puts together a dream cast including his first work with Jack Nicholson. He grabs you from the first frame and makes the ride both fun and shocking.

Nicholson is at the top of his game. His Boston mob boss is psychotically dark and wildly funny. He has taken his Joker character to an even darker place. He makes you laugh while making you terrified.

The cast around him is strong as well. DiCaprio has really grown into his awkward persona and has lost some of the far too much intensity that complicated his performances in the past. Damon, playing against his current type, manages a villain that we empathise with. Scorsese has A-listers in supporting roles and the whole picture is a fine tooled machine.

Mostly The Departed works because it is the kind of story that sucks you in and wonít let you go. Itís satisfying in every way and never excessive. Sometimes, a film seems too good to be true but in this case, itís all that and more. I guess I am going to have to give Scorsese another chance after all.

Review By: Collin Smith

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