Charlottes Web - Terrific

Duration: 97min
Category: family
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The people at Walden Media, who did such a great job on bringing Narnia to the big screen as it should always should have been seen, have now brought another children’s classic to cinemas. By fleshing out the barnyard community and adding a wonderful sense of humour, the Walden folks have made a charming and lovely little movie out of Charlotte’s Web.

Charlotte’s Web is very much a young child’s story. It doesn’t translate into the kind of film that adults can enjoy on an adult level. One has to dig deep into their childhood to appreciate it.

Having said this, Charlotte’s Web is not the kind of film that is hard for an adult to watch. it doesn’t grate on you with its sweetness or inundate you with annoying silliness. It’s the kind of child’s film that doesn’t speak down to its audience. Although there may not be an “adult layer” to the film, like there are in movies like Babe or The Incredibles, it’s still delightful for the parents to watch with their kids.

There are hilarious moments and other moments that are truly charming. The film is short enough that the story never drags. It’s also shot with a beautiful sensibility. There is a magical shot through dew on the titular web that is breathtaking. Overall, Charlotte’s Web is a pleasure.

The nicest thing about Charlotte’s Web is how good you can feel about the message the movie is sending. The moral here is about valuing diversity. Hopefully, the film will inspire children to celebrate the gift of diversity. Hopefully it will also inspire kids to read the beautiful prose of the book.

Review By: Collin Smith

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