Spaceballs - Pass the Schwartz

Duration: 96min
Category: comedy
Available: On DVD
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At first I thought it might not be truly fair to review a spoof comedy nearly 20 years after its release. However, on second thought, if they want us to rent it or even buy it in a special release Collector's Edition then we have every right to talk about why we should… or shouldn't.

Spaceballs is Mel Brook's take on the Sci Fi genre and Star Wars in particular. This is a straight up spoof with all the fourth wall breaking in jokes that one has come to expect from these kinds of movies. To be honest, I have never been a big fan of this kind of humour, I find it all a little too easy and predictable, but I figure I am a fan of the films it's mocking so I should get a kick out of it.

Well… the kicks are few and far between. Probably the only joke I remember from when I saw this film as a kid is about the only joke that made me laugh. It's the scene in when Dark Helmet and his cronies pull out the Video Cassette of Spaceballs and watch themselves on TV. Video Tape. Do you remember it. It was what people watched before there were DVDs and Tivo. I use this example to show just how dated this film has become.

This is a problem with the genre actually. It's so cheap and easy to make jokes that are satire of current events yet a few months later they lose their humour. Now add nearly 20 years to the movie and these jokes really fall flat. Watch the Shrek movies in 20 years and I bet no one will be laughing either.

The other problem with watching a film like Spaceballs almost 20 years later is that all these jokes have been done to death. I don't remember how much originality there was in the original release but by now we have all heard these jokes before. If there are any we haven't we can see them coming a mile away.

The most Spaceballs could inspire in me was a couple of light chuckles. Most of the time I was thinking about how little the cast had done since this that was impressive. While not a terrible movie, Spaceballs lacks any timelessness.

This makes the Collector's Edition seem so pointless. Why do we want an extra disc of trivia and games for a film we no longer care about? Unless you are a diehard fan wait until you see it reran on TV. You might get a few light chuckles and not have wasted your money on a special two disc set.

Review By: Collin Smith

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