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Duration: 86min
Category: comedy
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These guys make damn funny movies. If youíve seen Waiting For Guffman, A Mighty Wind or the breakout hit Best in Show, then you know what Iím talking about. Christopher Guest and his group of improvers are good at making me laugh.

For Your Consideration, the latest from this group, is a bit of an exception. While they have abandoned the ďmockumentaryĒ format for a more traditional tale, they still manages to churn out the laughs but they donít quite keep you rolling in the isles the whole time. There are parts of the movie that are less funny than others. For Your Consideration isnít as consistent as their earlier work.

In fact, it seems that itís certain actors who make the film really work, while others (who are usually quite good) canít seem to make it happen this time around. Surprisingly, because they normally keep me in stitches, Michael McKean, Eugene Levy, Harry Shearer, Parker Posey and John Michael Higgens are kind of dead in the water in this flick. Either itís the writing or they just didnít find the rhythm. I donít know. Anyway, when their characters are on the screen, it just doesnít click and the giggles in the audience were few and far between.

However, when the laughs come, they come hard. Other cast members have created characters which will make you sore from laughing so hard. Fred Willard and Jane Lynch are insanely funny as Entertainment Tonight like hosts. Jennifer Coolidge steals every scene sheís in (as usual). However, the one show steals the whole movie is Catherine OíHara.

OíHara has always made me split a side from SCTV through Beetlejuice to the Guest movies. OíHara is always dead on funny. For Your Consideration may just be her crowning achievement. She gives the funniest performance of the year by far. If Oscar had any kind of credibility left she would be nominated. However, we just donít live in a perfect enough world. How fitting sheís in a film about not being nominated.

For Your Consideration wonít make you laugh throughout but when it does, it will make you laugh like thereís no tomorrow.

Review By: Collin Smith

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