Troy - Reading about ancient Troy is more exciting

Duration: 163min
Category: action
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Troy is so far off the mark it is hard to know where to begin to discuss what is wrong with it.

First of all, and most importantly, it bores. Troy will have you looking at your watch over and over. Peterson, who normally knows how to make his audiences' collective pulses pound, seems to have forgotten how to make a great epic action film. The battles are lousy. The set ups are snooze worthy. This is supposed to be an action movie. Where's the action?

In reality a review could end there as that is the most important element to a film like this but there is so much more wrong with this.

Like the other summer snoozer of 1994, King Arthur, the film makers have dropped all that is exciting and wonderful about the story of Troy. It's like they are trying to make history out of mythology. If they really wanted to make a docudrama about the "real" Troy then they should approach the History Channel. For movie audiences lets see some Gods and Goddesses! Without the magic, the film falls literally flat.

The other incredibly annoying thing about Troy is how much the film makers felt they had to jettison from the legend of Troy to make an "acceptable" film. Come on! This is 2005, do we really have to ignore the fact that Achilles had a male lover? Especially when his lover's murder is why he fights so hard to begin with! This is just plain bad film making. All of this in a film which revels in half naked men running around. Again I ask, come on!

I love a good sword and sandals epic when I see one. When I went to Troy I didn't see one.

Review By: Collin Smith

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