Prestige, the - Abracadabra

Duration: 120min
Category: Mystery
Available: On DVD
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The Prestige is a movie about magic.

When you see a magic trick, you know you are being tricked. The pleasure comes from a combination of trying to figure it out and the hope that you will be amazed. The Prestige does the same thing with a story. It moves you along, let you know that you are being tricked and the fun is trying to figure it out and see how the story will get you there.

Nolan, who directed Momento, is back in the territory again of creating a structure to his film that is set up to confound and to titillate. Whatís real? Whatís a lie? He throws us red herrings and circles us around the truth and creates the kind of puzzle that is at once satisfying because all the clues are there but is also thrilling as he doesnít make it too obvious or hit you over the head with the answer.

Just like a magic trick, the answer seems obvious when you get it, and itís not like you donít suspect, but he does just a great job of entertaining along the way that the riddle is fun. Like a good magic trick, you are entertained. Magic is show business and so is The Prestige.

Nolan also fills his film with loveable characters. While the whole cast is good, itís Hugh Jackman who stands out. For the first time since become a ďmovie starĒ Jackman is allowed to actually act as a character actor. Itís a pleasure to see him be such a strong performer and not just have to do the leading man poses.

Structured as one would a magic trick, The Prestige wows and entertains and really is there anything more to ask for? Abracadabra!

Review By: Collin Smith

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