Science of Sleep, the - Sleepless in Paris

Duration: 105min
Category: fantasy
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Michel Gondry is a pseudo-intellectual director. He convinced the world he was doing something deep with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind but in my books he was creating more of a mess than a masterpiece. That movie lacked a sense of cohesiveness in that the stories lost their logical and emotional centre and were not relating to each other.

With The Science of Sleep, his mess falls into an even messier disarray. This film, basically about a man dealing with his fantasies and dreams, is even more muddled. Gondry might say that heís attempting to create a chaotic sensation reminiscent of the way we dream and this might have worked if he had been able to create some kind of cohesive world for this chaos to exist in. Instead, he manages only to throw random ideas at us which are not connected and do not speak to any underlying truth.

This is where his films loose me. It feels to me like intellectual laziness. He gets to spurt these ideas onto celluloid without taking any responsibility for them. He doesnít feel a need to express any of them, simply for them to exist. Honestly, I think anyone can do that and it doesnít show a wit of creativity or cleverness.

Often he has his cast, lead by the remarkable Gael Garcia Bernal, run around with squawking voices doing little random bits of humour. Itís like watching the slightly drunk clown at the party who just doesnít get that his jokes arenít really that funny but canít seem to stop himself to relate to the world without this shield of so-called wit.

Give me something meatier, Michel. Show me something with a little kick behind all the cerebral buffoonery. Maybe then I will appreciate your eternal mind.

Review By: Collin Smith

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