Raiders of the Last Ark Adaptation - Experience it!

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Duration: 115min
Category: action
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In my youth, I fell in love with the movies at a very young age. I would spend my allowance on matinees and popcorn and look forward all week to what I was going to see on the weekend. Certain films grabbed my attention, and before the wide distribution of home video I would return to the cinema to see films I loved again and again.

Thatís why, when I got to experience the Raiders of the Lost Ark the Adaptation it filled me with such joy. This is a film - home video actually - that was made by young fans of the classic. They reproduced each scene lovingly, shot by shot, with their friends case in all the roles and their family garages used as sets. There is such a joy in this piece that comes from a place where you truly love the movie and movies in general. Itís unadulterated and it brings out the young movie lover in you.

At first, the film is laugh out loud funny as you see all the ham acting, children in adult drag and logistical switches (eg. they use a pet dog in the place of a monkey). However, as the film progresses you soon begin to be amazed at the detail of their reproduction.

Their sets are remarkable. The opening sequence in the cave is masterfully decorated. It doesnít look like someoneís garage and one would believe they are truly in a cave. Even the boulder is amazing. The special effects and stunts are impressive for a home movie made by children. They burn down the Mongolian pub, the faces melt and Indy actually falls over the hood of the truck, crawls underneath and ends up being dragged behind only to crawl back up and fight with the driver again.

As a testament to the power of the story, despite all the poor video quality and horrible sound, you find yourself getting into the adventure of the film. I actually found myself caring about what was going to happen.

But it was the love of the film that was evident in every frame of the piece that truly touched me. As someone who loves Raiders of the Lost Ark and movies in general, to see this tribute was a powerful affirmation of my love.

If you have a chance to see this film donít pass it up. Itís unlike any experience you will have and itís worth the price. I hope that when they watch it, the film makers feel the pride they deserve for bringing this to life.

Review By: Collin Smith

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