Conversations With Other Women - Conversations Worth Having

Alliance Atlantis
Duration: 86min
Category: drama
Available: On DVD
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Conversations With Other Women is one of those films with a clever gimmick that risks being more interesting than the story. The film is shot with two cameras filming simultaneously whose images are shown together side by side on the screen so we always have two points of view. Fortunately, relatively new filmmakers Hans Canosa and Gabrielle Zevin present a smart and engaging script with insightful direction to make this gimmick really work for the story and not against it.

Also working in the favour of Conversations With Other Women is the performances of consistently excellent actors Helena Bonham Carter and Aaron Eckhart. Each of them bring their unique talents to the roles of these lovers. She has her ancient sagess behind big swimming pool eyes and he has his former-frat-boy-whose-defences-are-almost-gone charm. Together we get a complete picture of a relationship that is romantically tragic. We should all have such painfully beautiful pasts.

Carter and Eckhart ďmeetĒ at a wedding. However as their conversation progresses we realize this isnít their first meeting but a reunion played out between two old lovers who are desperately afraid of both reconnecting and not reconnecting. Their conversations are layered, like the filmís presentation, with double and further meaning, allowing these characters to come truly alive in the very short running time. We feel like we know, or could know, these people.

Sure they are doomed from the beginning but you canít help but hold out some hope. Maybe itís just because we all have regrets that we wish we could have stolen moment like the one these two share. Anyway, itís a beautiful and poignant moment that doesnít feel cheap or forced. Steal away with these two and you wonít feel regret.

Review By: Collin Smith

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