Million Dollar Baby - Not worth the million

20th Century Fox
Duration: 137min
Category: drama
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Million Dollar Baby won a great deal of Oscars and not since A Beautiful Mind have the Oscars seemed as off base as they were this year.

Okay, it's a decent movie, but decent isn't what we should be striving for. The film doesn't really pick up until the last half an hour and I'm sorry but a half hour does not make a Best Picture.

Million Dollar Baby is the story of a female boxer who is a little long in the tooth but still wants her shot at the big time. The story is fairly universal and could be applied to anything but in this case it's boxing. The film promoters make it seem like female boxing is some sort of radical element but come on. Women have been boxing for a long time. If the sexual revolution has achieved anything it's that women can be as stupid as men, and conversely that men can be as exploitable as women.

Let's get this out of the way. Boxing is the most ridiculous sport ever invented. Skeleton might be close and I don't count Golf because Golf is just a game and not a sport. Ballet is more of a "sport" than Golf and certainly required more physical ability. Hunting isn't a sport either because in sport both sides know they are playing. But Boxing holds the record for the stupidest. At least wrestling requires some skill. Boxing is literally just pounding the shit out of people. I can't decide which is worse, the boxers or the audience that exploits them.

Alright, Million Dollar Baby at least deals with the fact that this is a stupid sport. In fact, the film is well made in every way. Eastwood knows what the hell he is doing. It's just that the film is so completely average. I could go on forever about how plain this movie is but that would just be boring. Since it's not a terrible film, rent it and see for youself. Just don't rent it if you have something else, anything else, that you would really like to see.

Annette Benning. Alexander Payne. Martin Scorsese, Clive Owen. Just a few of the names of people who were robbed at this years Academy Awards because this completely average movie came out and everyone wanted to pat Eastwood on the back.

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Review By: Collin Smith

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