Bon Cop Bad Cop - Bon Cop Bon Film

Alliance Atlantis
Duration: 120min
Category: comedy
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Despite having the stupidest title of any film this summer, Bon Cop, Bad Cop turns out to be a fairly smart and fun summer action flick.

This very Canadian production follows the American buddy cop formula fairly strictly but translates it into something that could only be understood by those living north of the 49th parallel in this hemisphere.

The plot, situations and jokes are all themed around stuff only Canucks of either official language can relate to. It’s all hockey, two solitudes and les malentendus bilingues. And then there is more hockey. For example, Rick Mercer is cast as a (hardly) veiled Don Cherry rip off. He nails the character but who besides a Canadian would appreciate something like that?

The plot is nothing to write home about. If you’ve seen any Lethal Weapon rip off you’ll recognise the story. A dead body is found on the boarder between Ontario and Quebec and so one English Canadian cop and one French Canadian officier with completely different styles must work together to find the killer. Along the way they encounter each other’s provincial clichés, disagree over police methods and alienate their superiors until they save the day and learn to love each other.

What makes the film work is that despite the commonness of the film’s presence, the film makers imbue the movie with a self-conscious style that isn’t afraid to embrace the genre and run with it. Instead of lazily falling back on the genre’s formula to the point of silliness, they make the jokes clever.

There is a hilarious scene where a killer disguised as a beaver mascot takes his gun, looks in the mirror and does the “are you talkin’ to me” Taxi Driver bit. Rick Mercer’s scene is a gut buster as well. But it’s not just the comedy that works. The suspense and action is well done to. Nothing is done cheaply. Certainly the film is a “popcorn” film but it’s a delicious one.

My only complaint is that, as a Westerner, even one whose lived in Montreal, it’s a bit tiring to listen to Quebec and Ontario go on about their great divide. That whole “two solitudes” thing is so irrelevant in most of the rest of the country. It would be great to see a sequel where these two cops team up with an aboriginal RCMP officer from Saskatoon to chase down a Newfie killer whose gone down the road.

Review By: Collin Smith

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