9 to 5 - Cup of Ambition

20th Century Fox
Duration: 110min
Category: comedy
Available: On DVD
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I remember the first time I saw 9 to 5 and how sore I was from splitting my gut. I sat with my friends after recounting each hilarious moment and laughing as hard again. Still to this day, there are few movies that make me laugh as much as this modern fairy tale.

This special edition DVD brings it all back. Itís still as funny as it was then. Despite the presence of Type Writers (remember those?) and photocopy machines (still referred to as ďXerox machinesĒ) as big as rooms, 9 to 5 feels as fresh and relevant as ever.

First of all, itís good old fashioned comedy. Lilly Tomlin is a genius and paired with Dabney Coleman she is a scream. Then there is the absurd, screwball plot. I wish comedies today were this original and witty. Itís the kind of comedy that you can enjoy again and again without it losing its humour.

Besides being subversive (drugs, bondage, violent fantasy and class/gender warfare) the film also hit a cultural nerve, becoming one of the biggest films of its time. It was a specific moment in time, when the world was ready for this kind of critique and ready to embrace itÖ right before the Regan era regressed us all to a point we are still recovering from.

The Sexist, Egotistical, Lying, Hypocritical Bigot Edition is filled with fun extras. The commentary by Tomlin, Parton and Fonda is a real treat as are the ďmaking ofĒ features. The deleted scenes donít add much to the mix. Like most deleted scenes, itís fairly obvious why they were deleted. The gag reel is a blast, especially when Tomlin is demonstrating her wit.

If you havenít seen this classic, pick it up. This is first rate comedy and you wonít be able to resist tapping your toes to Partonís hit.

Review By: Collin Smith

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