Nacho Libre - Nacho With Extra Cheese

Duration: 90min
Category: comedy
Available: On DVD
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If you donít know who Mike White and Jack Black are then you havenít been paying attention to comedy lately. Black is a likeable, hammy performer whose career took off after his supporting turn in High Fidelity and has been making likeable, hammy movies ever since. White is the twisted mastermind behind the Black vehicle School of Rock and screwed up Chuck and Buck as well as a slew of other delightfully fíd up films.

I imagine the two were sitting around one day watching luchadors and riffing on the absurdity of the whole thing when Nacho Libre was born.

Nacho Libre isnít really a movie. Itís no more than a riff on one of the most ridiculous spectacles humanity has ever produced. If it wasnít for Blackís honestly charming delivery and true comic talent the film would be an ugly mess. However, Nacho Libre manages to be quite funny mostly due to Black being silly.

You know the type of guy that we all have as a friend who is able to make us all laugh just be being stupid? Black is that guy and Nacho Libre is one of his bits. Itís no more than that. Itís a SNL skit. In fact, Nacho Libre is a bit a like a porn film in that we really donít care about the stupid plot, we just want to get back to the action. There isnít enough plot here to sustain the brief running time and Nacho Libre starts to drag when Jackís not ďon.Ē But when he is on, heís funny and thatís what you paid for.

Really this flick is pretty bad. If it wasnít a comedian as likeable and hammy as Black in the lead it would have been walk-out-before-the-end offensively bad. However he sells it and it works.

Believe me, you will be hearing annoying teenagers and twenty-somethings who live in their parents' basements repeating the lines from Nacho Libre over and over for months.

Review By: Collin Smith

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