All About Eve - Let Me Count the Ways

20th Century Fox
Duration: 138min
Category: drama
Available: On DVD
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What do I love about All About Eve? Why is this movie, about a scheming social climber who pursues her idol so that she can take over her life, a movie I can watch again and again with equal pleasure? Let me count the ways…

Bette Davis
Margo is the quintessential Davis role. She gets to say her “bumpy night” line and just generally be everything we want to see Bette Davis be. She is smart and sarcastic and delightfully bitchy.

The Plot
This story of obsession and self-promotion is delightfully cynical and bitter. The whole thing is a brilliant critique of what our society says success is. Sure it’s been told many times since but this is one of the best renditions. This attack on modernity and our assumptions is equally relevant today making us realise how far we haven’t come.

The Dialogue
The wit and sarcasm in this script make it a strong work. Delivered by this top notch cast, it is among the best screenplays I can think of. This is especially true of the…

Sassy Narration
The way the story of All About Eve is told is often through soliloquy narration of the different characters. The film, which won quite a few Oscars, even bites the hand that feeds it by slagging the Academy Awards in the first few minutes.

One of the earliest film appearances of the film goddess is a small role in All About Eve. It’s remarkable to see her, eerily poking fun at her own image before it was even created.

Thelma Ritter
Yes, the actress we all love from Rear Window makes another great turn here. It’s such a treat to see her in these roles. I never get tired of it.

Just like I never get tired of Eve. If you haven’t seen it, make the time. It will be well worth it.

Review By: Collin Smith

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