Kinky Boots - Made for Laughing

Duration: 107min
Category: comedy
Available: On DVD
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Kinky Boots is the latest oddball comedy to come across the pond. This has become somewhat of a mini-genre which always proves to be entertaining and Kinky Boots is no exception.

The UK has produced a long line of quirky, light comedies that appeal to the masses, by throwing something a bit odd, but not threatening, at the audience, usually involving a clash of cultures, classes or gender. Like The Full Monty or Waking Ned Devine, Kinky Boots does just that to very pleasant results.

Lola is a drag queen, although it seems she’s straight, and she’s the answer to Charlie’s prayers. He’s inherited his father’s failing shoe factory and he’s come up with a plot to save it by tapping into the niche market of transvestites looking for women’s shoes that can support men.

Mixing the quaint country life of the factory workers with Lola’s urban underbelly world leads to endless laughs and smiles. In the end, everyone learns to love and respect each other and the factory is saved.

These movies aren’t revolutionary and they aren’t brilliant but they are certainly fun and usually a lot funnier than their American counterparts. For an evening of pleasant laughs, Kinky Boots is the latest in a long string of pleasant comedy diversions the British are providing.

Review By: Collin Smith

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