Mission Impossible 3 - Honestly, you won't miss anything if you wait....

Duration: 126min
Category: action
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The Mission Impossible movies have never done much for me. The first was incoherent and the second one muddled. It seems that of all the big blockbuster franchises, Mission Impossible is the least interested in character and story. Itís the Hollywood stereotype most vividly realised. It really is only about making the explosions bigger than last time.

Really, this series is about keeping Tom Cruise in his place as biggest box office draw in the world. And no one looks as good all beat up and sweaty as Mr. Cruise. Forget about making us care about Ethan Hunt (thatís the character he plays in these movies although I will forgive you for not remembering). Forget about advancing any sort of story thread from one film to the next (thatís for movie series like X-Men). Mission Impossible is all just about big explosions and fancy gimmicks.

MI:III had promise. It was directed by the creator of TVís Lost and Alias. Abrams is the king of action story telling. He knows about character, hooks and plot. If anyone can add something to this emotionless series itís Abrams.

I guess no one can.

MI:III is not as lame as the first two films but it comes pretty close. The story is your basic, garden variety, twist filled spy flick. There is a hero who must find the bad guy and his secret weapon. They throw in impossible stunts to keep us on the edge of our seats and each comes off perfectly with little or no risk. At one point, one character acknowledges that he never really doubted Tommy, I mean Ethan, would come out of the sticky situation okay. Well, guess what. The audience doesn't ever really doubt that either and therefore we weren't really ever on the edge of our seats.

Thatís as far as they go. The motivations of the bad guy (Oscar winner Philip Seymour Hoffman, slumming) are never explored. He hates Ethan with a passion but whyÖ wellÖ who cares? Even his secret weapon is a red herring. Itís so irrelevant to the plot the audience is never allowed to know what it even isÖ I guess the writers didnít want to have to think this part up.

Remember, this is just about explosions.

Abrams tries to make MI:III Huntís From Russia With Love but doesnít have the balls to go that far. Or maybe Tommy told him he couldnít. If you donít get the reference and don't know what happens in that film, rent the Bond flick and figure it out. You will have a better time than at MI:III. Suffice it to say that if he had managed to pull that off then maybe this film could have risen above the averageness that it achieves.

MI:III is truly the most average film you will see this summer. If you donít get out to the cinema each and every week like I do, save your pennies for one of the more satisfying summer popcorn flicks that will come along later. Wait for video. You wonít be missing anything.

Letís hope Abrams is able to do more for the Star Trek franchise (heís signed on to do the next film in that series) than he did for Mission Impossible.

Review By: Collin Smith

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