Friends With Money - WIth Friends Like These...

Duration: 88min
Category: drama
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Friends With Money is a fairly good, ensemble dramedy, snapshot-of-group-of-friendís lives, kind of film. Generally, the story of these 4 friends is engaging and the dialogue is, for the most part, both witty and insightful. It meanders a little but doesnít seem excessive or indulgent and generally gives us what we need without spoon-feeding. Specifically, the cast is what makes this film work.

Joan Cusack
While Cusack is always funny, I like her best when she gets a role where she gets to be funny and intense. She can get inside a character and really bring out all their human qualities.

Francis McDormand
McDormand is always good. She has the kind of face that is so interesting to watch. She manages to also walk the line between serious and funny with ease and grace.

Jason Isaacs
Isaacs has mastered the bad guy roles and here he plays that in a more subdued form but still nails it. There is such an intensity in his eyes and is at once threatening and endearing.

Unfortunately, there were also a few things that didnít work for me. The biggest of these was Jennifer Aniston. Sheís not bad in the role but her part never takes off. Sheís also just not that believable as a fuck-up. The movie never really gives her a reason to be who she is.

Friends With Money is no masterpiece but itís generally satisfying, especially in seeing some of these performers work. Having Catherine Keener not get under my skin is a major achievement just in itself.

Review By: Collin Smith

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