Mission Impossible - Self-Destruct

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Stop anyone on the street and ask them to tell you the plot of Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible film or its sequel and I bet you won’t be able to find anyone who can remember.

The Mission Impossible series is the least engaging blockbuster franchise Hollywood has put out in a long time. There are fans of Star Wars, Harry Potter fans, James Bond, Star Trek, Batman, Lord of the Rings, even Die Hard for crying out loud. The list goes on and on. Is there anyone out there who is dying to see the latest adventure of Ethan Hunt?

Ethan who??? You are probably all saying. This is my point. For some reason Mission Impossible films make a tonne of money but does anyone care? Is there any passion?

Go back and watch the first two films. They are incomprehensible. Well, the second one can actually be accused of having a plot. Really both films are just excuses to have one less believable action sequence after another. No wonder no one out these is collecting Mission Impossible action figures, posters, t-shirts and other paraphernalia.

Another problem with the films is that the television show on which these are based was about a team. The films are about one thing, Tom Cruise. Tommy needed an action franchise to fend off certain rumours. It seems a new one comes out whenever his star power is waning. Last year he was jumping on Oprah’s couch and attacking poor Brooke Shields. I guess it’s time for another Mission Impossible.

So he throws together some A list actors (who all just get killed off in the first 20 minutes so he can be the real star) and hires and A list director to give the film the kind of credibility it needs to succeed. Then he just ups the ante on the stunts and blows a lot of crap up. Big deal. I want something I can be geekily devoted to. This is all just shameless self promotion.

The Lost fan in me is eager to see JJ Abrams’ debut on the big screen but something tells me Tommy won’t let MI:III be anything more than another testosterone injection for his career… just like the first two.

Review By: Collin Smith

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