American Dreamz - Impossible Dreamz

Duration: 107min
Category: comedy
Available: On DVD
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I canít believe American Dreamz will be very popular. It makes fun of Republicans, terrorists, immigrants, gays, white trash, soldiers, teenagers, television, Hollywood. It does dead on critiques of George and Laura Bush and Dick Chaney. Then it attacks televisions most popular show by making fun of American Idol fans, American Idol contestants, and American Idol hosts.

Is there anyone left not to be pissed off? I guess they donít go after scientologists.

This smart and savvy satire from the makers of other smarter-than-they-seem films About a Boy and In Good Company is a treat. American Dreamz gets under the skin of the B.S. in this moment in time and exposes it for what it is.

It does this successfully mostly because it does so lovingly. It attacks these targets but also shows their human side. Never are we to hate those screwing up our society. We are to identify with them and understand why they are so screwed up.

Also, American Dreamz is ridiculously funny. From the Prez realizing there are 3 different kinds of ďIrakistanisĒ to the dead on cheesiness of the television-karaoke contestants, this script if full of smart laughs. There is no need for toilet humour as this film manages to be funny by appealing to your head.

Still, I imagine this is one of the reasons this film wonít be very successful. Itís too smart for its audience and it hits them too close to home.

Itís too bad as American Dreamz has something interesting to say and says it in an interesting way. Plus itís got Jennifer Coolidge who is worth seeing in anything.

American Dreamzís only weakness is how ďin the momentĒ it is. In a couple of years when Bush is gone and American Idolís rating are in the toilet, hopefully we will have learned something and moved past the state that American Dreamz needs to critique.

Review By: Collin Smith

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