Wild, the - When do the Wild show up?

Walt Disney
Duration: 95min
Category: family
Available: On DVD
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In response to its dispute with Pixar, Disney began searching out new computer animation partners and farming out work to them. I guess the logic was that if they came across something good they could use it as leverage against Pixar.

Well now that Disney and Pixar have made nice, and animation fans around the world can sigh a big sigh of relief, Disney doesnít need these projects which for the most part have turned out to be ratherÖ well, letís be generous and say, average.

The Wild is one of these films and to be generous, itís pretty average. Disney knows this which is why itís dumping it on a slow weekend with little to no promotion. They donít want their name attached to this kind of production especially with much more interesting projects, like Meet the Robinsons and the future Pixar pieces in the pipeline.

The Wild, like another of these farmed out films, Valiant isnít bad, it just isnít very memorable either. The Wild suffers from having the exact same plot as the also very mediocre Madagascar which, despite being copied from this film, managed to get out first.

The only truly inspired thing about this run of the mill, forgettable kids adventure is Eddie Izzard as Nigel the Koala. He gets lines like ďI canít imagine starting my day without licking myselfĒ but these are the only real laughs in the film.

The Wild is just like every other Dreamworks, Fox or Sony production line, CGI borefest. Its focus is on big stars, fart jokes and spiffy computer graphics instead of story, script and inspiration.

Fortunately, Disney knows better and has dumped this so we can all forget about it quickly.

Review By: Collin Smith

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