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First of all I want to admit that this isnít a review. I have seen quite a bit of Scary Movie 4 but not the entire film so I donít feel I can properly review it. I havenít rated the film. This is more of a comment.

I have seen most of the gags. Thereís a bit with Dr. Phil. There is a major part spoofing Tom Cruiseís recent craziness with him duking it out with Oprah. There are all the movie parodies from Saw and The Grudge to non-horror flicks like Million Dollar Baby and Brokeback Mountain.

Many of these are funny, in the same way that most Saturday Night Live sketches are funny. They are funny for about 30 seconds and then it gets tired really fast.

Also, like a late night sketch show, the jokes are all very topical. Ten or even five years from now, who will even get these gags? Watch this kind of parody humour from 20 years ago and see how much of it you get.

My comment is that movies like Scary Movie 4 become obsolete faster than cell phones. These are ďof the momentĒ films whose shelf-life is limited. Watch the first Scary Movie if you want proof.

I guess there is a market for forgettable films like this that people wonít care about next year when Scary Movie 5 comes out. Itís just too bad that these kinds of films divert audiences away from real humour that can stand the test of time. Is this really all this generation wants from a film?

Review By: Collin Smith

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