Lucky # Sleven - He's Not Who You Think He Is

Duration: 109min
Category: action
Available: On DVD
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Lucky # Sleven, like its title, is too cool for itself. Reminiscent of too cool for their own good phenoms like Reservoir Dogs and The Usual Suspects, Lucky # Sleven mixes an enthusiasm for great storytelling with the plot equivalent of irresistible hooks and out comes a slick, fun and hot film.

Itís just not quite as ďcoolĒ as it thinks it is.

The satisfyingly twisted story is told with great passion and flare by director Paul McGuigan whose previous efforts (including Wicker Park) were less than impressive. He wears his love of filmmaking on his sleeve as if heís trying to convince the world heís Tarantino. Maybe thatís where Sleven falls a bit short. Heís not Tarantino and all that jazz only works for Tarantino. Everyone else just looks like they are trying too hard.

The other fault is that the lead, played by McGuigan fave Josh Hartnett, requires an actor with more charisma and style than the amateurish Harnett, of Pearl Harbour fame, can pull off. The only part of the part he can pull off is the towel he wears for the first half of the film. Once he puts his clothes on, it becomes too obvious heís just not up for this role.

Still Lucky # Sleven is a ton of fun. Most of the rest of the cast is brilliant. Morgan Freeman and Ben Kingsley are the most fun as rival gangsters. Kingsley is always great but here he is reminiscent of Hurtís recent turn in A History of Violence and heís a treat to watch. Lucy Liu is also amazing, playing against type as the sweat and innocent love interest for the first time and looking hotter than hot.

Lucky # Sleven is a good bet although not quite the payoff it thinks it is.

Review By: Collin Smith

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