Slither - Funny Monsters

Duration: 96min
Category: horror
Available: On DVD
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Slither is good old fashioned B-movie, monster flick trash. And itís a pretty good time.

There is a specific kind of audience that enjoys films like Slither. They talk a lot throughout a film and probably havenít finished a post-secondary education. These kinds of fans are not going to listen to critics. However in this case the critics might agree with them.

Slither ends up being quite fun because it knows itís a joke, has fun with that joke and generally entertains. Sure the dialogue is corny. Sure the performances are first rate terrible. Sure the special effects were done in the directorís cousinís basement. Weíre all in on the joke.

The plot is simple; an alien life form lands, takes over peoples bodies, eventually producing slug like creatures that come after us and turn us into zombies. The fun part is watching the disgusting hilarity of the havoc these creatures wrought.

Slither spends a great deal of time on being gross. What these aliens do to the human hosts they take over is some twisted sick shit but itís all so over the top it never truly bothers. Instead itís all for laughs. In fact, the make up and CGI that creates the effects are so poorly done you never really worry about the creepy crawlies. Instead you can just howl at how ridiculous it all is.

I was disappointed that Slither wasnít able to be a bit creepier. However it was funny enough that I didnít care too much. Plus the Corb Lund Band plays! Itís a fun if forgettable ride.

Review By: Collin Smith

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