Basic Instinct 2 - The Bitch is Back

Duration: 114min
Category: Thriller
Available: On DVD
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“Even Oedipus didn’t see his mother coming.”
~ you know who…

Okay, I know it is Jack’s thing to do the quotes at the beginning of the review but I couldn’t resist copying my friend’s gimmick for this one review. It’s just such a horribly disgusting line I had to include it. That’s probably the most ridiculous of all the ridiculous lines in this sadly camp-less sequel to a camp classic.

Basic Instinct 2 has one thing going for it; Sharon Stone. She’s still amazing to look at and she chews up the gorgeous art direction with a joy that is palpable. She is obviously having fun with this despite the inane dialogue and boring plot. She's probably thinking about how much they are paying her for this crap.

Actually, the plot would hold some fascination if this wasn’t Basic Instinct 2. However, because it is, and because of what he know about her from the first Basic Instinct, we know Catherine Tramell is guilty. Therefore all the mystery in this little enigma is spoiled. If we could believe for even a moment that maybe she was being set up the movie may have offered up some thrill.

Also, it’s not quite a fun enough tale to enjoy the ride anyway. Knowing the ending does spoil this little pot-boiler. Therefore we are bored through most of the film and rolling our eyes at the silly discourse. Even the sex is boring. There is no leg crossing-like moment to titillate. What appears here happens on HBO each night. The director of Doc Hollywood just doesn’t have the naked ambition and lack of taste of Paul Verhoevan.

Catherine Tramell is pissed off at all the wrong people. She should be mad at those who keep putting her into these boring movies. She has the potential to be a classic screen villain, she even has an actress up to giving her a shot at that title. Unfortunately, those behind these films keep trying to keep her down with stupid plots and corny dialogue.

Review By: Collin Smith

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