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20th Century Fox
Duration: 132min
Category: Sci Fi
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I read the graphic novel V For Vendetta when I was a teenager and I remember that it scared me. I donít remember much of the story or why I was scared but I remember being frightened, and at the same time, inspired. Seeing V For Vendetta come to life on the big screen I was no longer scared, but once again I was inspired.

V For Vendetta may be packaged as an action film but really itís a film about ideas, just as the graphic novel before uses its story as gimmick for the ideas within.

V For Vendetta poses a great many questions and despite the filmmakersí pleas to the contrary, also provides some answers. There has been some denial by those behind the film that they intended any specific political agenda but after viewing the film one canít assume they meant anything other than a critique of the neo-conservative trend western governments have taken since the middle of the last century. Oppression of minorities (gays and Muslims specifically), suppression of dissent (and the complicit ďfair and balancedĒ media), religious idolatry (and how it guides public policy). Who do they think they are critiquing?

Interestingly enough, the writers of the graphic novel felt no such need to deny their convictions.

Still, conservatives donít hold a monopoly on fascist tendencies, they just do it so much better in this day and age. The critique holds up no matter who is in power.

V himself says that behind the mask is an idea. V For Vendetta is all about ideas, communicating, liberating and celebrating ideas. This is the strength of this film.

Also, there is Natalie Portman who once again shows us how to fill a screen with passion and power. Once she shaves her head, itís her incredible eyes that do the work. They are at once beautiful and full of an advanced age and wisdom.

The filmís main fault is how shiny and prefab it looks most of the time. It would have felt a little more appropriate for the world of V to be a bit grittier. Maybe a better Art Director could have created the right sort of future for V to inhabit. Still, the power of the story shines through and powerful it is.

I was hard on Sin City because I felt there was no soul, no idea behind all the fancy filmmaking. That is not the case at all with V For Vendetta. Instead, this film has more than enough story and soul for its entire audience.

Review By: Collin Smith

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