The Hills Have Eyes - The Lucky Ones Leave the Theatre First

20th Century Fox
Category: horror
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Xenophobia. In the simplest of terms, it means the fear of those who are different. It is the cause of so many horrible things in our world such as Racism, Misogyny and Homophobia. It is what insecure religions use to make us believe their lies. It’s also what the makers of The Hills Have Eyes use to try to scare their audience.

Fortunately, I wasn’t fooled. I won’t bore you with the plot since I am still pissed off at how much it bored me. Besides, you’ve seen it all before as it’s exactly the same plot as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The House of Wax and 100 other recycled horror ideas.

All these films rely on freaks to freak us out. They expect that their audience is dumb and xenophobic enough to see someone “different” and be scared. Our governments do the same thing so I guess Hollywood isn’t as out of touch with the mainstream as they would have us think.

The Hills Have Eyes is low ball filmmaking wrapped up in a shiny, big studio package that will only scare those whose level of mental processing is fairly low. Besides reinforcing the idea that “different” is scary and evil, the film also manages to reinforce the idea that women need protecting by men. How else do you explain why a 15 year old kid is set up as the protector of 3 very able and older women?

The Hills Have Eyes will gross you out. The film makers at least had the balls to be gory unlike most of the supposed slashers these days which don’t have enough gore to bother a 12 year old. I guess besides the xenophobic this film will also appeal to the masochists.

However, don’t be worried, the good guys survive until the end and punish the evil doers. There is even triumphant music at the end to make sure we all know that everything is okay.

I know everything is okay since I got to see The Hills Have Eyes for free instead of having to pay my own money on this drivel.

Review By: Collin Smith

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