Pink Panther, the - In the Pink

Duration: 93min
Category: comedy
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Who knew a cheap remake of a comedy classic could end up being so hilarious?

I am not usually a fan of stupid humour or physical comedy and itís been a long time since I saw a Steve Martin comedy that I liked. So I went into The Pink Panther remake with great trepidation.

However I laughed until I almost peed myself the film is so damn funny.

Sure Sellers may be the master but if anyone can do him justice itís Martin and here he manages to actually pull it off.

Sure the film is terribly put together, the plot is ridiculously thin and the movie in general is fairly lame but Martin is so much fun to watch that itís all worth while.

After years of crap like Bringing Down the House and Cheaper by the Dozen itís great to see Martin actually be funny. Sure, Shopgirl was a minor masterpiece but it had nary a laugh. With The Pink Panther Martin is finally back doing what he does best.

I donít know if this will or should lead to a new franchise and it doesnít really touch Sellersí work but in the end I laughed a lot and really isnít that all that matters?

My only complaint is that someone should tell Beyoncť sheís no actress.

Review By: Collin Smith

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