Firewall - Losing My Faith in Ford

Duration: 105min
Category: action
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There was a time that Harrison Ford was a God to me. I loved watching him save the day. He was what every man wanted to be, tough and active yet smart and sensitive. Somewhere around the turn of the century that Harrison Ford ceased to be.

Firewall continues to show how far down hill Ford has fallen. It sounds like a perfect Ford vehicle on paper. He plays an everyman whose family is in danger and rises to the occasion to set it all right.

The problem is that this concept, along with the actor himself, is tired. It just doesn’t hold the same thrill it used to. Add a terribly written script and a poorly executed film and Firewall ends up as a whole lot of boring.

Firewall is the kind of movie that is made to placate American audiences. We are supposed to feel good about our day to day lives knowing that someone like Ford is out there. Foreign element, with no motivation other than pure greed, invades our lives, hurts our families and (worst of the worst) steals our money!! Good thing Bush… whoops, I mean Ford, is there to save the day. We eat our popcorn, scream in all the right places, and go home happy, knowing the evil doers are put down.

Firewall should have been so much better than this. It’s got an A-list cast who all deserve better scripts. Do you all really need the money this bad that you are willing to do these kinds of trite films? Tell that to your audience who are making a whole lot less to do really crappy work.

Do we ever even wonder how these sorts of films will work out anymore? There is not ever any sense of real risk. We never really doubt that the family will end up okay. There is one scene in the film where the bad guy threatens to hurt the little boy but come on… who do they think they are kidding? We know that hurting a child is too malicious for this sort of action movie. We know they wouldn’t do that.

I don’t think I am spoiling anything to tell you that all the bad guys end up dead in the end and the good guys, except for one disposable one, make it out without a scar. The head bad guy, the certainly-better-than-this-crap Paul Bettany, buys it really spectacularly from Ford. Now, don’t get me wrong, Ford only does it cause he has to. He has to save his family (poor guy). Still, we get the satisfaction of seeing Sadam… I mean the bad guy, suffer. Not that we want to see bad people suffer… heaven forbid.

Therefore we never really get the kind of suspense that would actually thrill us. We are only superficially “thrilled.” Well, is it too much to ask for more than that? Is it too much to ask movies to be more real, to have lives in real jeopardy? For people to act like they really do in desperate situations? To make me believe in a real hero instead of this sort of idealized one?

Firewall is out and out trash. I want better from Ford. I want to believe he can be the hero I want him to be again. However, if he keeps picking these kinds of lame ass scripts, my faith in Ford will be completely shaken.

Skip this film if you ever believed in Ford.

Review By: Collin Smith

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