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Terrence Malick has discovered something beautiful in The New World.

If you havenít seen a Malick film, his work is more emotional than literal. His style is random, almost chaotic. He shows us glimpses that capture a feeling or response, with the dialogue, what little there is, not matching the visual scene. Some may have difficulty following his story but this one is worth sticking with.

The New World is the story of Pocahontas but there is no analysis of colonialism. Instead the film focuses on the story of a woman in love and the tragedy of her falling in love. Malick is interested in her choices and sacrifices and getting beneath the legend into the human being and her emotions.

A big part of what makes The New World work is the energy of actress Q'Orianka Kilcher who starts out quietly but overpowers the movie with her strength and the depth she brings the character. So much of her performance is without the aid of lines and instead she must create Pocahontas with her actions, her eyes and her presence. She pulls this off masterfully and is the core of the film.

The New World explores human emotion (rage, confusion, passion, love, friendship) through the lens of alienation. This is a tremendous foil to explore the pain and joy of human existence and Malick uses it wonderfully. He has crafted a painfully touching story and commands rich performances from his cast.

The New World is not a historical epic. Itís not a political film. Itís not Oscar bait. Itís something more intense and engaging. Itís a very touching, human story and itís worth experiencing.

Review By: Collin Smith

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