Looking For Comedy in the Muslim World - Looking for Comedy

Duration: 98min
Category: comedy
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Okay, I admit, I am not a big Albert Brooks fan. While I find him somewhat amusing, I have rarely found him laugh out loud funny. Still, there is something quite thoughtful about his comedy.

Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World surprised me. I imagined it would be a political examination of the gulf between Islam and Western Society. Instead, the whole political situation is simply a gimmick to riff on another idea, what is funny?

Like The Aristocrats, Looking for Comedy is an examination of the nature of humour. The whole Islamic element is simply a tool used to take ourselves out of ourselves and ask ourselves why we laugh.

There are a few race related laughs but mostly Brooks sticks to his critiques of ventriloquism and other old saws that need to be torn apart.

All of this is quite fascinating but like with his other work, I rarely laughed out loud and instead spent most of my time smiling or thinking deeply about why I was amused.

Too bad I wasn’t really laughing so hard I was sore.

Review By: Collin Smith

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