Underworld Evolution - Evolving too much?

Duration: 105min
Category: action
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Underworld was a post-modern, B-movie, geek boy classic. Romeo and Juliet set in the world of vampires vs. werewolves with a kick ass mythology behind it all. Director/writer Wiseman created a world as rich as any cult classic, a world worth revisiting.

Unfortunately, the evolution doesnít quite live up to the original.

Still, Underworld Evolution is still a thinking manís monster movie. Resident Evil or Van Helsing itís not. Wiseman knows he has to up the ante so he enriches the mythology he created in the first film to further explain the history of creatures of the night. However this might have been where the film gets off track a bit. Dare I say the film is trying to be too smart?

The film gets bogged down in its own convoluted plot and character development. Like all cult fantasies (like TVís Lost for example) one danger is getting too complicated or too muddled to make much sense or for the fans to care. TV might actually be a better medium for that kind of thing as the plot can be broken into small segments and balanced better with the action.

Here, in a movie of less than two hours, too much needs to be explained and unlike in Weadonís masterpiece Serenity Wiseman doesnít balance them as masterfully. Knowing his audience wants to see big things he has thrown in much more action, explosions, fights and gore and it is all just a little too much.

Too much plot, too many explosions, too much character development and to be honest the back story just isnít as fascinating as the first. That doesnít mean that Underworld Evolution is bad or not worth seeing. Itís just not as good as the first and in the world of sequels thatís really too bad.

Still, for fans of the first, this is a connecting chapter to the inevitable Underworld 3 where hopefully Wiseman is up to the task of creating a trilogy that will be worth collecting and not follow the path of the Matrix movies by making each one worse than the one before.

Review By: Collin Smith

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