Ringer, the - Low Humour Quotient

20th Century Fox
Duration: 94min
Category: comedy
Available: On DVD
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I only need two things from a comedy; 1) that it doesnít insult my intelligence and 2) it makes me laugh. If the first is missing (read: the movie is dumb) it wonít lead to the second (read: laughter, giggles, guffaws, etc). However sometimes a comedy will be fairly smart yet still fail to make me laugh. Thatís why I need both.

With The Ringer, the second scenario is unfortunately the case. While the movie went out of its way to be smart (some might say ďpolitically correctĒ but they would be missing the point) it never gets very funny. Maybe itís too busy trying not to insult its audience to ever get around to telling any good jokes.

There is a metaphor for this in the movie itself. One time the pretty romantic lead tries to tell a joke but her transparently shallow pretty boy boyfriend stops her because he feels itís too complicated for the mentally challenged people at the table and instead he tells a lame joke thatís really old and not that funny. Too bad we never hear the good joke.

The Ringer and its star Johnny Knoxville should all have been so much better (read: funnier) than they are. Itís too bad too cause I just wanted to laugh.

Review By: Collin Smith

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