Rumor Has It... - Not so Juicy Rumor

Duration: 96min
Category: comedy
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There was a time when I thought director Rob Reiner was the cat’s ass. Misery, The Princess Bride, This is Spinal Tap, and the absolutely perfect When Harry Met Sally. Then came North and those days were long forgotten. However, each time he puts out a new film, no matter how lame the premise or the cast (Alex and Emma?), I secretly hope he will have a triumph again.

Rumor Has it... is no triumph.

The story is odd; young women (Jennifer Aniston), engaged but not sure about her life’s direction, discovers that her grandmother was the inspiration for the Mrs. Robinson character in The Graduate and goes off to discover the man who, well… would have been the inspiration for the Dustin Hoffman character.


I don’t know who thought this sounded like a good idea but it’s really not.

The movie’s not a total loss. Aniston is actually decent when she gets into some physical comedy. Shirley MacLain as the Grandmother who doesn’t want to be called “Grandma” (yeah the movie’s filled with those sorts of clichés) is actually quite funny too. Kevin Costner, despite being so good in The Upside of Anger a few months before, really doesn’t capture the audiences attention enough to justify the role he plays in these women’s lives.

Rumor Has it... is a bit of a mess that meanders along without much purpose or payoff. There are little moments that are pleasant so the film isn’t bad, it’s just dull and one is always asking oneself, “why?”

Also, there is a yucky feeling at the end as the movie seems to be telling the audience that one should settle for second best. Again, I say, “okay?”

I am still waiting for Reiner’s comeback and rumor has it that it’s coming… one day.

Review By: Collin Smith

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