Family Stone, the - Christmas Chicks

20th Century Fox
Duration: 102min
Category: comedy
Available: On DVD
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What do you get when you put strong performers in a movie with a mediocre script? You get The Family Stone.

The Family Stone would be a completely forgettable and predictable film if it wasnít cast so well. The women of this film are strong enough to make each 2 dimensional personage come to life. Their performances give a life to the material that makes the film quite pleasant and even somewhat touching. The menÖ not so much. I guess thatís why they call these things chick flicks.

The story has been seen 100 times before. Bickering but totally loving family with some token diversity gets together over the holidays, bickers and realised how much they love each other. Now, before you give up any desire to see The Family Stone remember the cast.

Diane Keaton (mom) is so good in everything that she rises above poor material. Rachel McAdams lit up the screen this summer and is even more fun as the mean sister. Claire Danes, so strong in Shopgirl recently, is gorgeous and striking in her total of 5 minutes screen time. Sarah Jessica Parker puts Sex and the City behind her playing a conservative businesswoman who is dating one of the familyís sons.

The men of The Family Stone arenít so lucky. Luke Wilson is really the most wooden pretty boy actor out there right now. Maybe he hated every minute of filming this movie which would explain why he barely shows up for any of his scenes. Dermot Mulroney (who must be related to the former Canadian Prime Minister, he looks so much like him) is simply put a horrible actor who is never any good in anything so why should he be any good here? The gay (and deaf) brother and his partner are so slimly used that besides being button cute contribute nothing to the movie. Only Craig T Nelson comes off as anything more than a token male. YesÖ Craig T Nelson.

With itís Christmas theme and strong women The Family Stone will make a nice renter over the holidays but isnít going to be a holiday classic anytime soon.

Review By: Collin Smith

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