Syriana - The word that describes Syriana is....

Duration: 126min
Category: drama
Available: On DVD
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One can sum up what is wrong with Syriana in one word; boring. For all the political ideas, big stars and fancy camera work, Syriana suffers from complete apathy.

Syriana has a great message, if not a little tired and ubiquitous. Oil, corruption, big business, religious fanaticism, etc. Itís all very important but just, in the context of Syriana, not very interesting.

First time director and Traffic scribe, Stephen Gaghan canít make a compelling story out of all the tangled, intricate webs he tries to weave. It all looks good but itís all jargon, shallow wit and quick cuts without one character to care about or at least relate to.

Go see Clooney's directing efforts. He has proven he's better at directing than at picking scripts to star in.

In the end Syriana isnít interesting enough for me to continue reviewingÖ so thatís it.

Review By: Collin Smith

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