Aeon Flux - Why Charlize?

Duration: 90min
Category: Sci Fi
Available: On DVD
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Note to the makers of Aeon Flux: Clones are not the same person as the person they are cloned from. They are like twins, individuals who just happen to share the same DNA.

Unfortunately, the makers of Aeon Flux donít know enough about basic high school science to make a decent Science Fiction movie. Aeon Flux is a ridiculous disaster. Everything relies on a faulty premise that a child can see through.

That is by far not the only problem with this movie. Itís filled with every bad B-movie clichť out there. Characters are horribly injured but just keep on running as if nothing happened. Villains give horribly long speeches as they are about to execute our heroes so that said heroes have plenty of time to escape.

Also, Charlize Theron is a disaster unto herself. After impressive turns in Oscar worthy movies she seems to be hamming it up. Sheís not the only Oscar winner/nominee to be reducing herself to slapstick. Sophie Okonedo and Francis McDormand are horrible as well. Itís like this film sucks talent from those it touches.

Thereís a Sci Fi horror for you.

Note to Charlize: You just got the respect you had been asking for. Why blow it on crap like this. Take a lesson from Gweneth and Haley and stick to good movies so you donít ruin your rep after winning an Oscar.

Note to the casting director: who is this Martin Csokas? Heís a dead ringer for Kevin SpaceyÖbut with hair.

Note to the potential audience for Aeon Flux: Skip this movie. Itís an hour and a half of you life you canít get back. Sure Theron looks hot almost naked but sheís been actually naked in other movies so rent those instead. At least you can pause.

Review By: Collin Smith

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